Education is a long-term investment

Education and or any forms of learning is one’s biggest and longest investment. When considering a
topic or a career, research is a key factor to make sure you are not investing in the wrong fields, career
paths, or any subjects/topics in general. One’s education starts at an early stage before primary school.
Education starts at home with a healthy child. The first five years of a child’s life is very crucial to his or
her ability to later learn in life. Making sure a child is well nourished with the essential nutrients helps
the child’s brain develop healthily. A good and healthy environment help the child grow in confidence
and trust, which later leads to a more comfortable and easier learning process.
Your Tutor At Home, Inc. focuses on holistic learning development. We know that education starts
before primary school; therefore, we know that investing in quality education and not quantity
education works. For instance, we focus on mastering one subject’s concepts at the time. Once
mastered, we move to the next subject to make it easier for the child to learn and understand the
process thoroughly. We do not jump from one subject to the next without a proper understanding of
the previous material. This can lead a short-term and not a long-term learning, as a result when the child
sees the same materials again, they have no idea how to approach it. This can provoke frustrations,
doubts, and or lack of confidence. To prevent a negative learning experience for the tutee, we prioritize
quality over quantity. We tutor and focuses on principles and fundamentals that lead to quality work.
We focus on mastering and comprehending the key concepts of the subjects matter before moving on
to the next. We believe that everything is a build on. A successful groundwork laid for a child, or an
individual contributes to his or her development and success later in life.
My father used to say, “Nat, at the end of your life, education is the only thing that cannot be taken
away from you. When you die and you are gone, the only thing that will go with you is what is in your
brain. When we leave this earth, we leave everything behind: title, house, money, family, and friends,
etc. Everything in life is temporary, we leave this earth as if we were never here. The only things that can
proof of our previous existence is some memories, pictures, and a place where we rest if there is one;
Therefore, make sure you invest in your education wisely and try to leave a legacy and make a good
mark on this world. You know our education shape who we are, what the world becomes, and what the
future holds for the next generation. Invest wisely”

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